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36e8 - TV unit in polished glass and wildwood

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36e8 - TV unit in polished glass and wildwood36e8 - TV unit in polished glass and wildwood

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Thanks to the extreme flexibility of the square and its multiples and submultiples, the 36e8 system allows to furnish the wall with unusual geometries, offering countless opportunities for containment. A wall of great versatility: thanks to a wide range of colors and finishes, 36e8 allows you to create endless compositions tailored to your space and your personality.

Playing with the colors, the design variations and the fine finishes, it is possible to design walls equipped with a unique personality, able to unwind on spaces of any size with great versatility.

INFO: TV cabinet in polished glass and wildwood with a flap door and a drawer. Dimensions: 220.8 x 40.6 x 83.3. Colors: shiny denim glass, natural wildwood.

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